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The E2E digital suite to manage the consulting category, demand management, RFPs, performance management, …


Need help with your consulting? Check out our white-glove service Procurement as a Service offering.

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Find the consulting firms with the expertise you need.


Let’s team up to get the best consultants for your projects.


Manage the category and get the best ROI from your Consulting.

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Embark on the journey and transform your consulting procurement.

Consulting Quest is the world #1 Consulting Sourcing Company


What we do

We help you with all your consulting sourcing needs.

We provide sourcing, consulting, and digital solutions to control your costs, accelerate your strategy and maximize the value you create from your consulting spend. Consulting Quest’s dedicated advisors, a balanced blend of executives, consultants, and procurement experts,  execute a data-driven approach customized to your business needs.

Consulting Quest

Why it matters

​Consulting spend can represent up to 1% of Companies Turnover.

Yet only 7% of executives feel properly equipped to buy consulting services. Using best practices could lead on average to 30% of savings, improve the bottom line, and fuel additional projects to create tremendous value. All conditions are gathered for clients to disrupt the way consulting is procured. At Consulting Quest, we are here to help in this journey.

How can we help you?

Consulting Quest’s solutions help businesses to create more impact by better using, buying, and managing Consulting Services. Let’s go through the challenges you face and then look at the most appropriate solutions.

If you want to discuss this in person we are only one click away.

What are you trying to achieve ?

Whatever your business needs, when it comes to consulting procurement, Consulting Quest has developed custom solutions. We can do it for you, with you or you can use our digital platforms by yourself. Let’s see what solutions would be a good fit for your needs. 

Our Solutions

At Consulting Quest, we have developed a full range of solutions to help our clients with their consulting procurement needs. Consulting, Sourcing, Digital, Learning, Networking. When it comes to leveraging and sourcing consulting, we got you covered.


Need help with sourcing ? Check out our white glove Consulting Procurement As A Service offering.


The E2E digital suite to manage the consulting category, demand management, RFPs, sourcing, performance ….


Work with expert consultants to increase the maturity of your sourcing process by implementing best practices from demand to performance management


The #1 consulting search engine. Company profiles, thought leadership, customer ratings and more

Smart Consulting Sourcing Project

Sourcing is not a talent. It’s a skill. Access everything you need to take your consulting sourcing to the next level.

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Want to know whats new, how consulting can help or how to source consulting ? Check out our platform.

Our Latest Insights

Consulting Quest’s latest thinking on how consulting can help, how to source consulting and manage the category.

Write RFPs that maximize the chances of success of your consulting projects

Write RFPs that maximize the chances of success of your consulting projects

 Amazing things will happen when you listen to the consumer. – Jonathan Midenhall, CMO of Airbnb In short The definition of the needs also called Requirements is the first, and one of the most valuable, step in the process of procuring goods and services. However, the procurement requirements for goods are mainly focused on the specifications...

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Our Book

How does sourcing smarter, saving millions, and creating extra value, sound?

This guide will teach you how to:

  • take advantage of the changing consulting landscape
  • source and manage a standalone consulting project
  • manage the Consulting Category
  • activate key levers to save 30 to 50%
  • shift your focus from savings to value creation
  • leverage the digital disruption in consulting and procurement

Get started today with high-end consulting strategies broken down into simple, easy steps you can implement immediately.

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