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A collection of articles about our teams, our solutions, our thought leadership, and our journey as a firm.

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New Singapore Office

Singapore, the gateway to Asia   Consulting Quest is growing! We are delighted to announce that Consulting Quest has expanded to open a new office in Asia ! It will be our pleasure to serve you in this new location with the same quality and service you have...

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We only have one planet!

Environmental sustainability is responsibly interacting with the planet to maintain natural resources and avoid jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. At Consulting Quest, we make it front and center in our purpose. However, tackling...

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Our solutions – A refresher

Over the past 24 months, we have introduced several new services and solutions. We thought it would be useful to provide an overview of what we offer: Over the years, we have developed a full range of solutions to help our clients address their consulting...

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new features

New features for Conavigo

We have released new features for Conavigo. Conavigo is the #1 Consulting Search Engine: Discover the new way of finding consulting firms, by blending digital and human-to-human interactions. Identify the right partners for your projects. Learn from and work with...

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consulting search engine

Conavigo the Consulting Search Engine, is Live !

Conavigo, the #1 consulting search engine, is up and running! After months of preparation, we have the pleasure to introduce our new consulting solution: Conavigo Conavigo is a consulting platform designed to help you discover a new way to find consulting firms,...

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Conpulse 2.0 is Live !

We have just released additional features for our Consulting Performance Management Solution. The initial version was completely redesigned using the REACT stack, giving a completely new User Interface and Experience. ConPulse Now Offers the Following Features:...

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Taxonomy for consulting – Check our guide

A guide to help you define your taxonomy for consulting! When we discuss consulting with our clients, we always face the same kind of issue when analyzing their consulting spend. Nobody is using the same taxonomy, even in the same firm. In the same way, do you ever...

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Smart Consulting Sourcing

Join the Smart Consulting Sourcing Community

Ready to take your skills and knowledge in consulting sourcing to the next level? Smart Consulting Sourcing is a community for people with professional interests in consulting and sourcing. Open to consulting sourcing enthusiasts, the Smart Consulting Sourcing...

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maturity assessment

Our Consulting Maturity Assessment is Live !

We have released an online version of our maturity assessment tool! Is your consulting spend aligned with your strategy? Do your teams have an advanced understanding of the consulting market, including trends and fee benchmarks? Did you implement dynamic management...

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consulting wiki

Consulting Wiki 2.0 is Live !

Our Consulting Wiki? just got received major improvements. Our platform is the reference website for all matters related to consulting. How to create value through consulting? How is the industry structured? What are the different types of consulting firms? How to...

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paris digital workshop

2017 Paris Digital Workshop-Summary

Paris Digital Workshop The cold climate of Paris made for a remarkable backdrop for the second edition of Consulting Quest’s Parisian workshop 2017. The event attendees had the opportunity to discover, or rediscover, Serge Grudzinski, who offered a very humorous...

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2017 New York Digital Workshop Executive Summary

Consulting Quest hosted its second annual New York Consulting Procurement Conference, in the format of a digital workshop, at the AMA Conference Center on June 29th. Thank you to everyone who joined us.   This year’s event focused on the topic of Digital...

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NYC Consulting Procurement Conference 2017

NYC Consulting Procurement Conference 2017 06/29/17 - Save the Date!   CQ will host their 2nd annual Consulting Procurement Conference in New York!  The focus will be on emerging trends and digital impact within the consulting, procurement, and supply chain...

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consulting procurement

Consulting Procurement 2.0 – 2016 NYC Conference

Our First Annual Conference – Consulting Procurement 2.0 was a success!  We want to thank all the attendees who were able to join us in NYC at the AMA Conference Center yesterday, engaging in several high level discussions on topics such as the evolution of...

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UK Office

We just crossed the channel;   Consulting Quest is growing! We are delighted to announce that Consulting Quest has expanded and is now opening a new office in London, UK. It will be our pleasure to serve you in this new location with the same quality and...

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Paris Office

Paris is always a good idea…   Consulting Quest is growing! We are delighted to announce that Consulting Quest has expanded to open a new office in Paris, France. The new office is located 66, avenue des Champs Elysées, Paris 8ème. It will be our pleasure to...

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Consulting Quest Premiere   Welcome to the Consulting Quest Blog. As perspective, insight, and quarterly were already taken for consulting-related publications, we decided to go for a blog to share our thoughts on the Consulting Industry. At Consulting Quest,...

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