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Consulting Quest Global Directory – New Search Features

October 23, 2017

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Consulting Quest Has Just Launched the Newest Version of our Global Directory, the World’s Largest Professionally-Managed Directory in the Consulting Industry.

After much anticipation we are very excited to announce the arrival of the latest version of our Consulting Quest Global Directory – the World’s Largest Active Database of Management Consulting Firms. For the past year, the directory has been served as a valuable tool for consulting clients and general users to search for consulting firms in their geographic region and providing general information on each consultancy.

We recently launched a latest version of the Directory where you can now directly search companies by capability and industry, in addition to name and region.

Both company headquarters and local offices are mapped, so users can easily find consulting firms in a specific area. All information in the Consulting Quest Global Directory is collated by hand and constantly updated. Consulting Firms can also claim their business and manage all information on their profile.

More About the New Global Directory

With more than 2,000 Consulting firms profiled, the Directory lists consultancies with more than 8,000 offices spread across 160 countries, with links to their websites and social media channels. It serves as both a great tool for consulting clients searching for consulting firms with a specific profile and also provides tremendous exposure for small to mid-sized consultancies looking to expand their own network. The use and inclusion in the Directory is free of charge without commitment to any membership.

In addition to the listing of Consulting Providers, the Directory also features various links from all over the globe covering topics such as: Consulting Blogs, Consulting Industry, Consulting Career, and Thought Leadership. The goal of Consulting Quest is to become the go-to-source for all your consulting needs whether it be general information, sourcing, performance assessment and improvement.

Check out the new directory now at If you would like to be listed in the Directory or need to update your firm’s information, please e-mail us at

About Consulting Quest

Founded in 2014, Consulting Quest is the world leader in consulting procurement. At Consulting Quest, we are convinced that Companies can better and faster reach their goals by smartly leveraging management consulting. “Creating more impact by better using, buying and managing Consulting Services”. We know how to help companies do just that.

We partner with executives and procurement teams and provide customized solutions addressing all steps of the consulting sourcing to control their costs and maximize the impact they get from their consulting spend. As the leading pure player on consulting sourcing, we operate on a global scale, blend digital and human to deliver on our promise: smart consulting sourcing.


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