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Consulting Wiki ?

Want to know what’s new. how consulting can help or how to source consulting ? Check out our articles, podcast, and more.


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Consulting Wiki?

Want to know whats new, how consulting can help or how to source consulting ? Check out our platform.

Want to Know About Consulting ?

Discover Consulting Wiki ?

The consulting industry is a very large industry. However there are today no reference sites to learn about the industry, understand how consultants can help companies to create more value, share the best practices when it comes to consulting sourcing or even , if you look at the consultant side, how to manage a consulting business, how to join a consultancy or what are the key elements in the consulting tool book. Consulting Wiki ? is a Crowdsourced consulting platform. Feel free to browse and contribute as you see fit.

consulting wiki

Sample Topics Covered

Consulting Industry

How old is the consulting industry ? What are the different types of consultants ? What is the size of the consulting market ? Who are the key players ?

Using Consulting

What is the value created by consultants ? What are the evergreen consulting projects ? How to manage a consulting project ?

Buying Consulting

What are the key steps for buying consulting ? How to write an RFP for consulting services ? Where to find consultants ? How to understand pricing ?

Growing in Consulting

How to set-up a consulting business ? How to develop a differentiated value proposition ? Make or Buy ? How use subcontractors with confidence ?

Consulting Toolbox

What are the key methodologies a consultant should know ? How to write a good proposal for consulting ? What are the new managerial trends ?

Future of Consulting

What are the key drivers disrupting consulting ? What to think about the consulting marketplaces popping up everywhere ? What is next for consulting ?

Working in Consulting

What’s the life of a consultant like ? Who are the biggest employers in consulting ? What are the best places to work ? How to prepare interviews ?

News about Consulting

Who was just acquired by whom ? What are the latest moves ? Activities worth noting ? Things to know before a meeting ?

Learn all there is to know about consulting with Consulting Wiki ?

The #1 crowdsourced platform for Consulting

What are the Benefits

For Executives

  • Explore the consulting category
  • Identify opportunities and value levers
  • Upskill your consulting procurement

For Consultants

  • Share with peers and Gather Best practices
  • Stay current on market trends
  • Understand the perspective of the clients

For Candidates

  • Understand the market
  • Grasp issues faced by clients and consultants
  • Get better prepared for interviews

How it Works

Browse Content

Consulting WIki? is organized as a Digital Newspaper

  • Select the categories of interest to you: Industry, Playbook, Consulting Sourcing, Recruitment tips, …..
  • Explore the content on the platform, articles, and videos. Add a bookmark to come back later.
  • Comment if you want to add anything or want to leave feedback. Rate articles
  • Share the articles you like the most with your network on social media

Could not find what you were looking for? Please let us know and feel free to connect with the team and suggest topics you would like us to explore.

Ask Questions

Consulting WIki ? was designed to be a Collaborative Platform

  • Explore our extensive Q&A section about consulting to see if what you are looking for is already there
  • Sign-up to the site to get the ability to ask questions.
  • Ask your questions to the community using Consulting Wiki? (and our team).
  • Answer questions from others and upvote the best answers.

A community is only as strong as the contribution of its members. Feel free to enjoy the content but also to help others.


We welcome Contributors and Guests

Do not hesitate to reach out if you want to create content.

  • Sign-up, to the site and create an account as user.
  • Connect, with us to discuss what topics you would like to cover and assess the fit with our editorial criteria.
  • Get your account upgraded to creator and get access to the publication features .
  • Publish your articles and contribute to the community.

Consulting WIki ? was designed to be crowd sourced, contributors are the lifeblood of the site.


Consulting Wiki ? is free and will always be.

However we welcome Sponsors and Sponsored Contents, provided they can add value to our users. Users of Consulting WIki ? are interested in Solutions that Increase Performance.

  • Book a callwith us to discuss your project and what could be the opportunities.
  • Preparerelevant and educative materials to be shared with our users.
  • Sharethe materials with us and we will insert in various places.
  • Get visibility for your solution. That’s it.

To ensure the highest quality of content for our users we limit publications on the site, that would be the downside. The up-side is that your message is not diluted.

Note : As per our privacy policy we do not track our users nor share their behaviors on the site. Contents will be placed on the most relevant pages and posts.

Sample Articles

The 8 Defining Stages in the History of Consulting

The history of Consulting is holistically intertwined with the growing needs of businesses, shaped by industrial developments worldwide.

How the top 5 spending industries are leveraging consulting

Actually, the spend on consulting is closely related to the magnitude of the changes and disruption happening in an industry or a function.

A Practical Guide to Setting Up Your Consulting Business

You are an expert in your field, have established a stellar professional reputation, and now you are ready to strike out on your own and start a consulting business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find examples of consulting projects ?

  • Yes ! We have created a specific category for this : The Consulting Playbook
  • You can find real examples of projects describing
    • What was the challenge,
    • How the consultant approached the project,
    • What were the results

Can I find lists of consulting firms in Consulting Wiki ?

  • We have some articles on the consulting industry and some companies are mentioned
  • However, if you are looking for consulting firms we recommend to explore Conavigo, the #1 Consulting Search Engine

I am looking for a job in consulting. How can Consulting Wiki ? help me ?

We have an entire section of the site dedicated for candidates

  • What to expect as a consultant?
  • What does the recruitment process look like?
  • What are the companies that can help to succeed during the interviews?
  • What are the typical salaries in consulting?

I have a blog about consulting. Can I guest post ?

  • Yes ! Consulting Wiki? is crowsourced. 
  • We published a lot of the content to get the party rolling but the plan is to balance in the future.
  • Get in touch with us, let’s discuss what content you want to publish
  • If it fits our editorial strategy we will have you set-up in no time

How does it work if I want to ask a question ?

Do you share information on how to source consulting ?

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The #1 consulting search engine. Company profiles, thought leadership, customer ratings and more

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