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At Consulting Quest, we are convinced that Companies can better and faster reach their goals by smartly leveraging management consulting

Who we are

We are reimagining how the world get improved

At Consulting Quest, we are convinced that Companies can better and faster reach their goals by smartly leveraging management consulting. “Creating more impact by better using, buying and managing Consulting Services”. We know how to help companies do just that.

We partner with executives and procurement teams and provide customized solutions addressing all steps of the consulting sourcing to control their costs and maximize the impact they get from their consulting spend.

As the leading pure player on consulting sourcing, we operate on a global scale, blend digital and human to deliver on our promise: smart consulting sourcing.

What we do

When it comes to leveraging consulting, we got you covered

We have developed a full range of solutions to help our clients. Consulting, Sourcing, Digital, Learning, Networking. 



We partner with clients throughout the entire consulting sourcing process. Our team of consulting procurement experts provides a white glove service to find and select the right consultants within the target budget



We help clients to manage their consulting category, reduce overall costs, accelerate strategy execution and implement best in class processes increasing the maturity of their consulting procurement


We offer a full range of solutions to help companies easily manage demand, source consultants, measure their performance, and manage the consulting category while reducing costs and maximizing value.


To help clients learn about how consulting can help, how to source and work with consultants we have created the leading consulting search engine ( and the reference platform about consulting (


Through our Smart Consulting Sourcing communities and our Masterclass about consulting sourcing we connect consulting sourcing professionals to create the largest community of experts worldwide.

At a glance



We stay close to our customers all over the globe


Year of Foundation

It is our 8th year in this business


Consulting Firms

We manage the largest platform of consulting firms

Our expertise

We are the #1 consulting sourcing company

Our team blends senior executives, former consultants and procurement experts. We provide value and tune to your wavelength at all steps of the process from the definition of the strategic intent to the relationship with consultants or the management of the category.
We are the leading pure player on consulting procurement and have developed proprietary methodologies and thought leadership to address the specificities of the category


Conpas (Performance Assessment)


Consulting Procurement Maturity (Maturity Grid)


Smart consulting Sourcing Series (books)


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This week in consulting (Weekly newsletter)

We operate on a global scale and our critical mass and databank allow us to be relevant across all industries and capabilities. Our sourcing strategy relies on an open ecosystem. We do not push a roster; we help to source the right consulting team for a given project, wherever they are.

What we stand for

We aim at making the word a better place

We believe in diversity, equality, inclusion, social responsibility and sustainability. As participants to the UN Global Compact, every year we put those principles into action to deliver our contribution to this global imperative.

Working with us

Talent Wanted

At Consulting Quest we are a diverse, global community of people. Problem solvers, creative thinkers we work with our clients to make a sustainable impact

Meet our founders


CEO / Chief Doing Stuff Officer

Hélène, a civil engineer by profession (École des Ponts et Chaussées), has held several executive positions in operations, R&D, and procurement and industrial strategy for one of the largest energy companies in the world.
She is the strategist responsible for the creation of an agile make-or-buy strategy and performance measurement system for operations services at Engie that resulted in more than $100 million dollars in annual savings.
Hélène’s background in engineering, consulting, procurement, and industrial strategy has contributed to the creation of an extremely athletic business model, set to change the way consulting is procured.

Laurent THOMAS

Chairman / Chief I’ve got an idea Officer

Focused on greater value creation, and being thoroughly familiar with Consulting, Laurent has sourced and sold millions of dollars worth of Consulting over the course of his career.
Laurent believes that the innovative start-up providing services to executives, consultants, and buyers of consulting services, will introduce a needed transformation in the Consulting space.
As a visionary leader, he is committed to helping businesses by spearheading transformation initiatives for enabling progress.

Meet our founders


CEO / Chief Doing Stuff Officer

Laurent THOMAS

Chairman / Chief I’ve got an idea Officer

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