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Civil Engineer by training (Ecole des Ponts et Chaussees), Helene has held several Executive positions in Operations, R&D, and Procurement and Industrial Strategy for one of the largest Energy Companies in the world.

She left Europe for the US in 2011, and, after completing an MBA at Columbia Business School, launched her 1st consulting practice in Innovation and Strategy to small to middle-sized businesses.

After exchanging with peers and customers, she launched Consulting Quest, a global performance-driven consulting service platform.

“The idea, at first, was to provide disruptive solutions for both clients and providers in a way not currently available in the Consulting space. I combined my own experiences along with my co-founder’s to shape the concept of Consulting Quest, a disruptive start-up that leverages big data to improve the performance for both clients and consultants.”

The goal is to change the game for consulting and procurement altogether by providing key insights for efficiency and expertise like it never has been offered before. Helene’s background in Engineering, Consulting, Procurement, and Industrial Strategy has contributed to an extremely athletic business model set to change the way consulting is procured.

When she is not working at Consulting Quest...

She operates as taxi driver / cheerleader / nurse for her 3 children and plays Clash Royale.