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We can claim at length that we are the experts in consulting procurement. But the best way to convince you is probably to share some of the knowledge we leverage to support our clients. We have developed an extensive library of thought leadership. We share our knowledge through various formats. You can download our white papers and practical guides or get a preview of our books. You can also sit back, relax and listen to our podcasts or watch some of our videos. If you want to contribute or exchange with peers, please join our communities ! And if you have any feedback you know where to find us !

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Diagnosing your Consulting Procurement Maturity
Diagnosing your Consulting Procurement Maturity

Consulting Procurement Organizations should aim to reach a high level of maturity, where the team is using best-in-class practices and brings significant efficiency gains for the Procurement group and company as a whole. But before an organization can draw its path to excellence, it must first evaluate where it stands today on the Maturity Grid. Understanding the starting point of your Consulting Procurement Journey is probably as important as defining where you want to go.

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    Taxonomy - Guide
    Taxonomy - Guide

    Have you ever found yourself browsing a consultant website and wondering: “what do they concretely do? What problems do they solve? And what are they actually good at?”

    The good news if we can refer to it this way is that you are not alone. For companies that are helping others to define their value proposition, sharpen their strategy and optimize their marketing budgets, many consulting firms are quite slow to embrace the internet and even more social media.

    So to facilitate your future browsing we have tried in this chapter to give you an overview of the key dimensions that characterize the DNA of a consulting firm.

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